Lucky – Adoptable Lab Mix


Lucky might as well have been named Mary Poppins because she is practically perfect in every way. This sweet senior of about 10 years old came to the shelter when her elderly mom became ill. She went to a relative’s home to be taken care of, but the relative had a pug already who wasn’t a huge fan of Lucky. In the end, Lucky ended up in he shelter at 10 years old knowing mostly only love in her life. She was scared and confused, but never lost her hope that she would once again find a family to love her and neither have we.

Though Lucky is a bit older for a lady of 90 pounds, she mostly has no idea she’s supposed to act old. Her health is amazing (she takes some joint supplements for her knees, but it was caught early enough that she’ll most likely never need to be on pain meds for them) and she still loves to be active. She enjoys going on strolls around the neighborhood and will play with any dog she meets at the dog park. Of course, when she gets home, she doesn’t mind a nice long nap on her extra comfy bed.

Lucky is extremely smart and will prove the adage “old dogs can’t learn new tricks” wrong over and over. She comes “pre-loaded” with potty training, proper leash walking, sit, lay down, and stay. However, she learns new tricks so quickly, we were able to teach her “high five” in under an hour. Of course it helps that she really, really likes treats.

Dignified in her old age, Lucky is a very well behaved lady. She’s not one to chew, have “accidents”, sneak food, or generally cause mischief. She’s just happy to hang out and when she’s home alone, we think she pretty much just takes a power nap so she’ll be ready for whatever adventure awaits when you return home. She does have one trick up her sleeve and it is the power of Puppy Dog Eyes she has been honing for a decade. She never rudely begs, but you better hope you don’t make eye contact or you’ll be forced to give her a morsel of your food our of sheer guilt that you’re eating something tastier than kibble. You just can’t resist them. Trust me.

Here’s Lucky’s Quick Facts:
• About 10 years old
• About 90 pounds
• Loves to hang out with people and anything involving a cushy bed
• Is potty trained and very quick to figure out where to “go”
• Likes other dogs, cats, and people of all ages
• Take daily supplement for pre-arthritis in knees, but otherwise very healthy
• Would be great for any type of family

If you think Lucky would be right for you and your family, please fill out an adoption application and send it in to us at