Stephen – Adoptable Chi Pug Mix


Stephen is a sweet boy with a heart of pure gold and a crooked smile he wears proudly. He loves tiny blanket forts (and will snore happily inside one all night). Being held like a baby makes him fall asleep and grunt with happiness. If he can’t sleep on a comfy bed or in a blanket fort, he prefers to sleep right in bed with you where he will provide you with a little noise machine and bed heater to lull you off to sleep. While he isn’t able to take long walks, Stephen does enjoy accompanying his foster family to the park in his little doggie stroller so he can enjoy the sights and smells of the outside. Stephen really, really likes his people and gets sad even if you go to another room and leave him behind. Luckily, there’s an easy solution for that: a Stephen bed in every room.

Stephen got his name from some awesome shelter volunteers who named him after Steph Curry, the wonder boy of the Golden State Warriors. They were hoping, after noticing he had some difficulty coordinating his back legs, that Stephen would miraculously bounce back from his leg injury as his namesake did during last season. Unfortunately, Stephen’s back legs were not an injury, but rather a spinal issue.

Stephen has a spinal disc disease that impairs the mobility of his back legs. However, Stephen is a determined boy who will certainly get across a room if there’s something he wants on the other side (like his person). While his back legs move more stiffly and slower than normal, he is still able to get around surprisingly well. He also has total control over his potty ability and is totally potty trained. The only thing he can’t do is get up stairs, but luckily, he’s only twelve pounds.

We think the ideal home for Stephen would be perhaps with an older couple who miss having grand babies around. Stephen would be a wonderful substitute as he loves being held and spoiled. Added bonus- no dirty diapers!

Stephen’s Quick Facts:
• About 9 years old
• About 15 pounds
• Loves to hang out with people and sleeping in blanket forts
• Is potty trained
• Likes other dogs, cats, and people (we recommend children older than toddlers based on Stephen’s size)
• Has a spinal disc disease, but can get around just fine (except for stairs)
• Would be great for any type of family

Stephen is currently “Foster to Adopt” as we are still working on striking a balance between meds and rehab to help him lead a normal, happy life where he can take on anything… except, maybe, stairs.

If you think Stephen would be right for you and your family, please fill out an adoption application and send it in to us