Tanner – Adoptable Pit Lab Mix

Tanner has gotten a taste of life in a home and he’s hooked!

Tanner is a smart, laid-back guy who is looking for a family that will help him learn the ropes of living in a home.
 He’s eager to please and very treat motivated. He has been able to master simple tricks like “sit” very easily. Tanner likes to relax and has occasional bursts of energy. Not a morning dog, he prefers to sleep in and would be happy with a walk and a few short play sessions every day. He will fetch a ball but hasn’t quite figured out how to drop it for the thrower.

Tanner is also super sweet. He loves to give kisses and is happy to just hang out with his favorite people. He hasn’t met a person yet he hasn’t liked. He does protect his house with a few barks when he hears someone approaching but is quick to greet visitors with lots of tail wags and his favorite toy.

So far, Tanner loves dogs and he gets very excited when he sees other dogs while on walks. His foster mom is working with him to help him control his excitement and he has been improving greatly!

It’s actually quite the wonder that Tanner loves all people he meets because his life did not start out rosy. While we don’t know exactly what happened (he was picked up as a stray), we have some clues on Tanner’s past. He arrived at the shelter with a large open wound on his face. Most likely, Tanner had a strong acid poured on his face from his former owners or from people who didn’t like him being a stray near their house. Tanner was very lucky that he wasn’t blinded, though that was most likely the intention of the horrible person that did it to him. Despite this, Tanner is a guy made of smiles and has opened his incredibly forgiving heart to everyone he has met since.

We also think Tanner was never much of an indoor family dog. Though he was potty trained before he arrived at the shelter, once he was in a home environment, it became clear he was not used to things house dogs are generally used to. For example, the first time he watched TV in his foster home, he didn’t know what to make of the color glow box with sound. It was an evening filled with head tilts and curiosity. He also didn’t know what a dog bed was and would actually move it out of the way so he wouldn’t end up laying down on it. However, once he figured it out, he decided he kind of likes the dog bed and has definitely made it one of his safe places. His other safe place is his crate, and he will sleep there quietly at night and while his foster mom is at work.Tanner did pick up one habit from his hard former life. He now claims one toy a day as his favorite and will carry it around with him like a security blanket. While at the shelter, he claimed one favorite toy, and seeing his deep attachment to it, the shelter volunteers would actually sneak it into his kennel. Dogs aren’t allowed to have toys unsupervised for their own safety, but it just broke their hearts and it appeared he’d never try to destroy it anyway… except for the occasional love nibble like he was chewing a corn cob. He does that to everything he loves be it toy or human.

Tanner’s Quick Facts:
• About 2 years old
• About 65 pounds
• Very fast learner and treat motivated, so he’s fairly easy to train
• Is already potty trained
• Is crate trained
• Once energy has been expended, loves just hanging out with his favorite people
• Loves people young and old, though we recommend older children as Tanner is a bit clumsy.
• Loves other dogs and will do best with a dog(s) that let Tanner know his place when he gets too rowdy.
• We recommend a home without cats as Tanner tries to play with them a bit too roughly.

If you think Tanner would be right for you and your family, please fill out an adoption application and send it in to us at info@beausbridgeclub.org.