Special Needs

Pets end up in the shelter for many different reasons. Sometimes is a negligent owner or one who truly doesn’t care, but we’ve found more often than not, it’s owners who have had a tough time in their own lives and some change has forced them to surrender their pet. Sometimes this is because the pet develops a medical condition that the owner is not financially prepared for. Sometimes the pet has a behavioral issue and the owner doesn’t have the know how to train it out or the ability to hire a trainer. Sometimes the owner was elderly, passed away, and left an elderly pet behind and no family was able to care for it.

Sure, there are many “normal” pets that end up in the shelter, but for every normal pet rescued by a new family or rescue group, there are more who have a harder time being rescued because they’ll need more attention.

These are the pets we strive to help. The ones left behind. The ones that are harder to place. The ones that cost more. The ones that deserved to be saved just as much as the “normal” ones.stephen-slider1

These include:
– Pets with medical issues
– Pets with trainable behavioral issues
– Senior pets
– Unweaned pets too young to be spayed or neutered
– Overpopulated breeds including Pit mixes and Chihuahua mixes

We help other rescue organizations say “yes” to the harder to place pets by assisting them in getting the resources they need to not have to stress out about the additional care the pet will need. Sometimes that just means pointing them toward a resource they didn’t know existed. Sometimes that means recommending a good vet or trainer in their area. Most of the time, though, it means assisting in medical bills for diagnostics, surgery, medications, and any other medical needs a pet may have. The partner rescue takes care of finding a foster home, getting routine vet care done, going to adoption events, and ultimately finding a forever home just like they would any other pet. We help them to save more special needs by taking the pressure off their┬áminds and their bank accounts.

If you’d like to help us help more pets, we can always use donations. We are completely volunteer based and every cent we have goes toward improving the lives of animals.


Help us help the animals. Together we can make the difference!